At JFO we believe that, when it comes to caring for children in need, knowledge is power. Every child we serve has their own set of struggles and challenges to overcome. We offer a variety of trainings to equip you to understand and care for people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


JFO believes it is imperative for everyone at the table of child welfare– from foster and adoptive parents to agency workers— to be FASD informed and equipped. We offer multiple FASD trainings and resources to equip both parents and professionals.


Studies have shown that poverty affects children and families involved with child welfare at a disproportionate rate. We at JFO believe that, in order to care for vulnerable families with empathy and compassion, we must first seek to understand the struggles they face. JFO offers a variety of trainings designed to inform and educate you about poverty and its impact. Click here to learn more. 



We at JFO understand the challenges that trauma presents for fostered and adopted children as well as their caregivers. This is why we offer trauma training and resources for parents and caregivers that provide the tools to nurture and support the children in their care.

Trainings We Offer

This is a list of the trainings that JFO offers. If you'd like to host a training, please reach out to Sandra Flach to discuss the details, schedule and cost. For trainings that are currently being offered please visit our Events page,.


Hope For the FASD Journey

$15 per month

Hope for the FASD Journey is a support community for parents and caregivers of children with FASD. Parenting children prenatally exposed to alcohol can be a very lonely and isolating road. The symptoms and struggles are only understood by those of us on the journey. That’s why JFO offers parents and caregivers membership into the faith-based Hope On the FASD Journey Community.


Intro to FASD

$225 per workshop

This introductory presentation covers the impact of prenatal exposure to alcohol on the brain, symptoms of FASD, and accommodations and strengths-based strategies. This 90 minute training is offered online and in-person and is perfect for parents, caregivers, and professionals.


C.O.P.E. Training

$1200 per session

COPE is a 2.5-hour immersive experience designed to give you a glimpse into the lives of families in our community that face poverty every day. This training is designed to cultivate empathy and to equip church response teams, foster and adoptive parents, businesses, and community members to work more effectively with low-income families.


Bridges Out of Poverty

$300 per workshop

Bridges Out of Poverty offers strategies for Professionals and Communities. Bridges Out of Poverty trainings are designed to help businesses, schools, social services, healthcare providers, law enforcement, higher education, and churches work together with people from poverty to create thriving communities.


Cultivating Connection Course

$100 per couple

This course offers trauma training for parents. Cultivate Connection (formerly Empowered to Connect Parent Training) courses rooted in the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at Texas Christian University. This 10 week course for parents and caregivers meets weekly for 2 hours in person or online.