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How Can My Business Help?

Donating to nonprofit organizations is a great way for corporate or small businesses to give back to their communities.


The benefits to supporting nonprofits extend beyond the gratification of supporting people in need. Studies show that businesses and corporations who make charitable donations have higher levels of employee morale. Charitable work is also a wonderful tool for marketing. When businesses sponsor local nonprofits, it puts their name out into the community in a tangible way and creates opportunities for promotion and advertisement. Lastly, businesses can receive tax deductions from the donations they make to sponsor local charities or events. The biggest benefit of donating, however, is the opportunity to make a real and lasting positive impact in your community. Help JFO Run the CarePortal Platform


That’s where JFO comes in. You can help JFO run the CarePortal platform and support families in crisis by becoming a Community Sponsor. Your donation of $2500 or more helps us manage the costs of the work that we are doing in the local community. When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will put your logo on the CarePortal and JFO websites and will also feature you on our social media pages and quarterly newsletter.

Our Community Sponsors


Bishop Beaudry is a Albany County sponsor.


TriNuclear Corp. is a Schenectady County sponsor.

HI RES LOGO_edited_edited.png

National Bank of Coxsackie is a Greene County sponsor.

Culnan Logo.png

Culnan Insurance is a Rensselaer County sponsor.

Cedar Shade Farm.png

Cedar Shade Farm is a Greene County sponsor.


Help a Family in Crisis

You can sign on as a Community Champion. When you enroll, you will receive an email with a list of current needs in your community. You can then sign up to receive alerts as new needs are added. If you would like to meet a need, click the Fund button and you can donate directly to a local connecting church who can purchase and deliver the items requested. Costs are calculated by the platform based on the requested items.


Help Smaller Churches

Some of our partner churches simply lack the resources to meet all of the needs that come up in their communities. You can support them by donating items that we use regularly such as car seats, twin mattresses and bed frames, bunk beds, bedding and cribs.


Host a C.O.P.E.

The cost of poverty extends far beyond the individual families we serve through CarePortal. Its impact reaches into local communities and businesses in a variety of ways. Your business can host a 2 hour COPE training for staff or community members and learn more about the true cost of poverty. This training can open your hearts and minds to the lives of people in your community who are struggling to get by.

Our Community Champions


Jezreel International is a  Community Champion.


Habitat ReStore is a Community Champion.


Our Store is a Community Champion.


Tech Valley is a Community Champion.


URBAN CO-WORKS is a Community Champion.


Habitat ReStore is a Community Champion.


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