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CarePortal is a technology tool created to serve children and families in crisis. CarePortal brings together diverse constituents; government agencies, churches, businesses, schools, and other ministries to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families right here in our own backyard.


The design is simple: agency workers identify children and families in need and enter requests into the CarePortal. Churches and communities see these needs and, with the click of a button, are connected to the family.


CarePortal requests are entered for a variety of reasons—whether it is to prevent a child from entering foster care, to help make a foster or kinship placement, or to help a child who is aging out of foster care—every request represents a child in need. CarePortal was created to enable churches and communities to meet those needs simply and effectively. Watch this short video to learn How It Works.

What is CarePortal?

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Caring for kids in the Capital Region 


JFO began implementing CarePortal in New York’s Capital Region in 2018. We launched in Schenectady County with 10 churches and a heart to care for children in crisis in our local communities. Since then, CarePortal has continued to grow with the support of over 30 local churches. As of April 2022, JFO has implemented CarePortal in three counties— Albany, Schenectady, and Greene— with plans to expand into all eleven Capital Region Counties. Our CarePortal Network has served over 3500 local children in the last four years. It is our hope that this number will continue to grow as we strive to meet the needs of families in crisis around us.

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The River

Watch this video to learn more about the turbulent river children in the foster care system are facing. 


The river is an allegory for the child welfare system. The goal of JFO is threefold:

  1. Work upriver with families to prevent children from falling into the river. JFO connects families to the support needed to stay together through CarePortal. Caseworkers, churches, businesses, schools, and community members come together to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

  2. Work supporting those brave enough to pull children out of the river. The Adoption and Foster Care Journey podcast, our FASD training, and support groups provide support to those jumping into the river.

  3. Prevent as many children as possible from entering and being swept downstream. Children belong in safe, healthy, loving families.

The river is no place for children, Will you be brave enough to help JFO save children?

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