Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from begin polluted by the world.
— James 1:27

We know that not everyone is called to adopt or foster children, but we are all called to care according to James 1:27. Every one of us can do something.


What is the “something” your church can do? Your church can partner with Justice For Orphans and become a CarePortal volunteer church. CarePortal is an online platform connecting child welfare agencies and churches in order to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families right in your own community. A child welfare worker can enter a need via email into the CarePortal system. For example, a teen mom needs an infant car seat in order to bring her baby home from the hospital. The email request for the car seat gets sent to the 3 closest CarePortal volunteer churches via global radius technology.  A point person at the church receives the email and sends it to those members in the congregation who have signed up to volunteer. Volunteers receive and read the email.  Someone decides, Hey, my small group can purchase an infant seat. That volunteer sends the email back to the church point person who then connects the volunteer with the infant seat to the case worker to work out the details.  This real time response by the church just helped to prevent that baby from entering foster care. A local vulnerable family was helped. And the Church just acted like the Church and walked out James 1:27.

Connecting you to children and families in crisis in your own neighborhood or across the world.



You will be asked to complete 3 simple steps to become an Active CarePortal Church. We want you to begin thinking about these steps now and, where necessary, to begin discussing these items with the appropriate leaders at your church. These enrollment steps are:

  1. Naming a Point Person to coordinate activities at your church

  2. Attending an orientation meeting (in person or by phone) led by the CarePortal Regional Manager in your area to learn more

  3. Submitting a brief implementation plan to get your church off to a great start. Your plan should focus primarily on how your Point Person will engage your local church congregation and how they will share CarePortal requests from Child Welfare with interested people at your church. As part of the launch planning process.

  4. Your Regional Manager will also be discussing with you how your church can financially support CarePortal in your local community.