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"We are not just investing in today. The implementation is today. We are serving needs practically today. But the outworking and the fruit is far into the future."

                                                               Pastor Dennis Graham Parker

Ready for School

Churches: Next Steps

Is your church ready to commit to CarePortal? We are so excited to work with you! Here are some next steps to getting your church up and running on the CarePortal platform.



First, you must ENROLL MY CHURCH. This will lead you to your dashboard, where you can enter information about your church and complete the registration process. 



Select a point person for your church. We recommend someone who is effective at communication, proficient with technology, and comfortable leading a team of responders. We do not recommend that Pastors fill this role, but you may for 1-2 months while you search for the right candidate. 



After you have selected your point person, we will schedule a one-on-one training session. In the meantime, your point person can go to OPEN REQUESTS to view open requests in your county.



After your point person has been trained, it will be time to introduce CarePortal to the rest of your congregation. The point person, pastor, or a JFO staff member can cast vision for the ministry during a Sunday service. JFO will provide slides and informational materials that will explain the CarePortal process and inspire your congregation to get involved. The two main goals are to build a team of responders who would like to help and to introduce the first request your church will meet. 



After you build your team of responders, a JFO Staff Member will schedule a time to host a Responder Training. These trainings are designed to equip your church to effectively minister to those we serve through the CarePortal.

Let’s Work Together

We're excited to have you join our network! Reach out here if you have any questions.

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