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CEU Evaluation - FASD Deep Dive 6 Hour FASCETS

Name of Course: FASD Deep Dive 6-Hour FASCETS
Date of Course:
Sandra Flach, Certified Facilitator of the FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model

Learning Objectives:

Introduce the foundation of the FASCETS neurobehavioral model, link brain function with behaviors, identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary symptoms of FASD, address the accumulation of DSM Diagnoses, l, and compile techniques to utilize in accommodating and supporting individuals with and FASD across all environments.


1 star = Not at all   / 5 star = Very much so

I learned to identify primary symptoms of FASD
I learned to identify secondary symptoms of FASD
I learned to identify tertiary symptoms of FASD
I learned to link brain function with behaviors
I learned the impact prenatal alcohol/drug exposure has on the developing fetus
I learned to identify FASD as a brain-based disability
I was introduced to the FASCETS neurobehavioral model
I learned how to implement the FASCETS Exploration Tool and Accommodations Grid to identify symptoms and match accommodations for an individual with an FASD
I learned to identify the invisible environmental elements impacting individuals with FASD
This training met or exceeded my expectations
My professional/personal interests/needs were met
The instructor answered participants questions effectively
The instructor was knowledgeable on the subject
The information was useful
Handout materials were helpful
Please rate instructor’s overall performance:

Thank for you taking this workshop and completing the evaluation; it means a lot to us!

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