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Poverty Training


Cost Of Poverty Experience

40 million Americans are affected by poverty, including 1 in every 5 children. These numbers are disturbing. And yet, the impact of poverty is a reality that most of us are not fully aware of. To combat this lack of awareness, JFO offers the Cost of Poverty Experience (C.O.P.E.). COPE is a 2.5-hour immersive experience designed to give you a glimpse into the lives of families in our community that face poverty every day. This training is designed to cultivate empathy and to equip church response teams, foster and adoptive parents, businesses, and community members to work more effectively with low-income families. COPE is an opportunity for you and your team to experience poverty firsthand through the eyes of real families. The experiential nature of the training helps participants to better understand the complexities of poverty so that they will be equipped to effectively serve the needy in our own community. JFO Staff member Karen Laing, a certified COPE facilitator, is available to run the experience for your church, group, or business today!


Poverty Training: 

Instruction on key aspects of poverty including defining five types of poverty, comparison of values among classes, mental models and the limitations of structured language. Participants will work in small groups to create resource grids for those living in poverty, the working poor, and the middle class. Facilitators will then lead discussions on the intersection of Community and Individual poverty as well as where to find resources in different communities.

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