Incredible Impact!

We are celebrating the impact local churches are having in their communities through CarePortal here in NY. In just 4 months 17 churches in Schenectady, Albany, and Saratoga counties have served 132 Schenectady children!

To break it down, this means that local churches, by meeting physical needs and making connections, were instrumental in preventing 26 children from entering foster care, helped strengthen biological families which provided stability for 76 children, helped in the reunification of 6 children with their bio families, helped improve the well-being of 16 children, helped preserve the foster/kinship placement of 6 children, and helped 2 children who entered foster/kinship care.

We are just getting started here in NY! JFO is planning to launch CarePortal in another local county this year. For the most current statistics of impact nationally and locally visit

Sandra Flach