Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Recently we received this testimony from Alyssa Dabravalskas, foster and adoptive mom and the CarePortal point person for Liberty Church in Schenectady. We are pleased to share it with permission.

Yesterday God put two strong thoughts on my heart in wake of the tragic passing of the Reproductive Health Act in New York.

First, CarePortal is an awesome way to practically and tangibly show that human life has value. As Christians we are rightfully outraged, devastated and disgusted by this newly revised law, but we can do more than voice our opposition. We can demonstrate that we not only want mothers to choose life, we are willing to come alongside them when they are struggling as parents. It’s not enough to just SAY life has value, we need to SHOW it in our actions too, and CarePortal literally emails opportunities to mirror Christ’s love directly to churches.

Second, at least for me personally, CarePortal has been a light in the midst of so much darkness. I am bombarded by news articles and facebook posts about things like the government shutdown, RHA, racial tensions in the US, human trafficking, and many other things going on around the world. It’s so easy for me to see these things and become overwhelmed with how deeply our state, country and world have fallen. But in the midst of all that, I’ve also seen church members donate money, friends pass along items, and strangers from Marketplace give away items they were selling. These people have all given me glimpses of God, and hopefully we provide glimpses of God to the families we have been given the opportunity to serve through CarePortal.

We are thrilled to share that since launching CarePortal in the Capital Region just two months ago, local participating churches have served 45 children in Schenectady County. Currently we have 13 active churches in our CarePortal network. If you and your church would like to simply and effectively demonstrate the love of Christ to local children and families in crisis click on the CarePortal tab at the top of our home page to learn more and enroll your church.

Sandra Flach