Superhero Churches Save the Day Through CarePortal

So often we see grandparents raising their grandchildren.  This was the case for an Ohio grandma who adopted her 6 year old grandson.  Things were going well for them until Grandma got sick, needed surgery and ended up on disability.  Being out of work with unexpected childcare expenses meant Grandma fell behind on her rent.  She had been a faithful tenant for 10 years but was about to be evicted because her landlord refused to wait for a government check.  If Grandma became homeless her grandson would go into foster care.  

Superhero churches stepped in when a caseworker activated the CarePortal requesting help from local churches.  Several CarePortal volunteer churches in Grandma's community collaborated together and met the family's need.  Imagine the joy and relief when the caseworker was able to tell Grandma that she didn't have to pack a single box and her grandson would not enter foster care!  In this case, the Church got to be the superhero in saving a family from destruction.  To learn how YOUR church can help save local children and families in crisis too - click here.

Sandra Flach