CarePortal Bridges the Gap

Kelsey, a single mom who escaped a domestic violence situation was working hard to reunify with her children who were placed in foster care.  Mom secured affordable housing but needed to furnish the apartment before her kids could come home.  Her primary need was bedding - a crib and a set of bunkbeds.  Sadly, Kelsey had no resources available to obtain the beds.

That’s when Kelsey’s caseworker entered the need into the CarePortal asking for a crib and a set of bunkbeds.  The request was sent out to the 10 closest participating churches in Kelsey’s community.  When three churches responded to the request the point person at each church communicated and in the end all 3 collaborated together to meet the need.  One church provided the crib and the bunkbed frame, another church purchased new mattresses and the youth group from the third church decided they wanted to buy cool superhero bedding so the children could feel special. Volunteers from each church delivered and set up the items which ministered to Kelsey and her children who were able to come home.

CarePortal is an online technology platform that bridges the gap between child welfare workers, children and families in crisis, and the Church who has a desire to help but not the tools to do so efficiently or effectively.

Justice For Orphans is implementing CarePortal in New York beginning in the Capital Region.  We have local county agencies ready to submit requests into the system, but we need churches who are willing to receive the emails and meet the needs.  Ten local churches have partnered with us so far. Would you consider enrolling your church to be a CarePortal volunteer church?  To learn more click here.

Sandra Flach