Impacting Local Children & Families in Crisis Through CarePortal

During these sizzling summer days we at JFO are hard at work connecting with local churches in both Albany and Schenectady counties as we look forward to launching CarePortal this fall.  CarePortal is a technology platform connecting child welfare professionals with local churches to meet the needs of children and families in crisis right in your zip code.  

CarePortal is active in 15 states nationwide and the impact is monumental for children, families, agencies and states.  In Arizona over the past 3 years 108 churches have served 3,452 children through the CarePortal platform and has saved the state of AZ over $1 million!  Jonathan Sanborn, State Director for CarePortal in AZ shares that even Governor Ducey in his State of the State address credited CarePortal and the faith based community for decreasing the number of children in foster care by 3,000 kids.  

By meeting the needs of vulnerable children and families through CarePortal, local churches can help prevent children from entering foster care often by simply providing a bed or a crib.  Other times foster families are supported so they can successfully foster and offer permanency to a child.  CarePortal has been instrumental in reunification which is the goal of foster care.  Before children can return home the family must set up a household and may just need a table, a bed or a dresser, or sometimes all of these furnishings.  Local churches can provide these items new or used and help stabilize a family.  Youth aging out of foster care also need help to live independently.  In the process of meeting the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families, which is something Jesus did all the time, the Church encounters opportunities to minister to and disciple people right in their own community.  

To learn more about how CarePortal works watch this short video clip.  Then contact us to get your Albany County or Schenectady County church involved.


Sandra Flach