What's New at JFO?

What's new at JFO?  While our website has been all updated our mission remains the same:  to rally the Church for the cause of the fatherless - the orphan, the foster child.  Over the past 5 years we have worked to inspire, educate and equip the body of Christ to walk out James 1:27 by adoption, foster care, orphan care, and wrap-around ministries to support foster and adoptive families.  Our vision is to see every child in a safe, loving forever family whether that is through family preservation, foster care, reunification or adoption, we believe justice for an orphan is permanency.  While we have seen some wonderful fruit from our labors we have yearned to have a greater impact locally.  As I have personally spoken in dozens of churches throughout the Capital District I have shared orphan and foster care statistics and Scriptures compelling the Church to care for the least of these.  Though we know most believers agree that Christians should adopt and foster only about 5% adopt a child and only about 3% become foster parents.  So where does that leave the other 92% of the Church?  According to James 1:27 we are all called to care for the vulnerable.  As believers become aware of the tremendous needs of children in crisis they do express a desire to help but aren't sure how or where to begin.  Often after I've shared at a church I'm approached by those whose hearts were moved.  They want to know what to do next.  I usually offer some suggestions but am left feeling like I want to hand them a package to open to get started.  CarePortal is that package and all they have to do now is open an email.  

CarePortal is an online technology platform connecting child welfare agencies and churches to meet the needs of local children and families in crisis.  Presently CarePortal is operating in 15 states nationwide having already served 24,000 children through 1,500 churches.  Justice For Orphans is implementing CarePortal here in NY, beginning in the Capital Region.  This fall we plan to launch CarePortal in both Albany and Schenectady Counties.  As caseworkers in these counties uncover needs, which happens on a daily basis, they simply enter a request to meet the need into the CarePortal.  The request gets sent to the closest CarePortal volunteer churches.  Volunteers from those churches who have signed up to receive the emails simply open the email and respond if they choose to meet the need.  It's that simple.  Often needs include requests for cribs, beds, care seats, furniture, diapers, clothing etc.  These are all considered Tier 1 requests.  Tier 2 requests are relational needs such as transportation or mentoring.  As churches meet the needs of children and families right in their own communities connections are made and discipleship opportunities often open up.  We have heard countless stories of lives impacted through CarePortal.  Many of which you can hear by listening to our recent podcasts.  

To launch CarePortal here in NY we need 3 things:  Feet, Favor, and Funding.  As we move forward we will need to build our JFO team to be able to implement, grow, and manage CarePortal.  We need God's favor with local foster care agencies and churches. Two local counties have already come on board and now we need the Church.  We will be spending the summer networking with churches in both Albany and Schenectady County to introduce them to CarePortal and invite them to join us in this work.  God has already begun to show us favor in this area and prayerfully this will continue.  As with any nonprofit organization, we also need funding.  As implementor and manager of CarePortal here in NY we will be training both agencies and churches in using the system, interfacing with agencies and churches, continuously adding agencies/counties and recruiting churches in those counties to meet the needs in their county.  It is a big undertaking for our organization but we serve an even bigger God who we know has called us to this work.  1 Thessalonians 5:24 says The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.  How does He do it?  Through YOU - His people.  Would you consider partnering with us to become a CarePortal volunteer church?  Would you consider making a tax deductible donation to JFO to help us launch CarePortal this fall? Local children in crisis are waiting.  Let's partner together to serve them and show them Jesus.  

If you are interested in learning more or to sign your church up for CarePortal email me at SandraflachJFO@gmail.com.  

Sandra Flach