AN ADOPTION STORY: Little Josie comes home thanks to perseverance and lots of prayer

The kids laughed and played like they had known each other all their lives, instead of just a few short days. They jumped off the edge of the pool, spraying water everywhere, and shouted to their new parents to watch them, to throw them, to pull them by their feet through the cool water.

These were precious days for these adopted kids, their parents and the extended family and friends who traveled all the way to Guanzhou, China to support them. Steve and Heather, from the Boston area, brought their two young daughters (one biological and one adopted) with them to welcome a third girl to the family, Lyza, age 7. Lori and Keith have adult children back in Oregon, but decided to adopt 8-year-old Jacob. My friend Rhonda was there with her 3-year-old adopted son, Eli to bring home 2-year-old sister Josie. All of these adopted children have special needs, but you wouldn’t know it as they splashed nearby.

I had just arrived in China the day before to help Rhonda bring her two kids and mounds of luggage back to the US. My head was throbbing from jet lag, but I marveled at the miracle playing out before me. I was in awe of God at work - these children were no longer orphans, but much loved sons and daughters.

He sets the lonely in families. Psalm 68:6

I was also in awe of the personal commitment it took for each of these families to make these adoptions a reality. It is no easy undertaking. The paperwork is daunting and financing an adoption can be overwhelming. Biological parents face 10 challenging months of pregnancy and chid birth. I watched as my friend Rhonda spent 10 challenging months working extreme amounts of overtime (which has its own set of physical ramifications) and cut every expense possible to bring Josie home.

Fortunately, our church family at Abounding Love Christian Fellowship was very generous and Rhonda was able to raise several thousand dollars through a bottle drive and personal donations. Rhonda also did a candy bar sale and we all put on a little weight in the winter of 2017 in our effort to help her adopt this little girl.

In search for additional support, Rhonda coordinated a Both Hands Project ( to raise money for the adoption. The Both Hands project gathers teams of people to do home improvement projects on a widow’s home while also raising money for an adoptive family. The projects walk out James 1:27 to visit the orphan and widow in their distress. On Saturday, May 5 and Saturday June 9 a large group of Rhonda’s friends worked on two widows’ homes. We painted, took away garbage and did some landscaping projects.

Through perseverance, hard work and a lot of prayer, Rhonda was able to travel to China to get Josie debt free. Each of the families we met in China faced similar obstacles to their adoptions and overcame them. Praise God!

For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Right now there are thousands of children waiting for their forever families and I can tell you from first-hand experience watching those smiling, joy-filled faces playing in that pool in Guangzhou, China that they are so worth the paperwork, the financial struggles and the stress of traveling around the world to get them. It’s an amazing adventure!

Dear Lord, You set the lonely in families. We ask you to continue to inspire families to make orphans sons and daughters. If adoption is in your plan for us, compel us into action. We will listen and obey. Amen.

Article submitted by Rebecca Flach, Vice President of Justice For Orphans. She and her husband, Aaron, are parents of three beautiful children soon to be adopted from foster care.

Sandra Flach