A Message from Connie VanKleeck

Hi, I'm Connie VanKleeck, one of the board members of Justice for Orphans. Advocating for the cause of the  orphan is an important one that is close to God's heart... this cause has become so much more meaningful to me over my years of service on the board as I've heard the stories of families being touched by adoption and foster care. My family has been personally blessed by the addition of our adopted granddaughter who is now 2 ½. God brought her into our daughter and son-in-law's family when she was just two weeks old and what a blessing it has been. Now another daughter and her husband are going through classes to become foster parents where they live in the Midwest. As you think of the ministry of Justice for Orphans please pray for us... that we would fulfill God's calling to "rally the church for the cause of the fatherless" here in the Northeast, and that we would also do the very best we can to fulfill God's commandment to care for orphans in our personal lives. Thank you!


Kathi Sewak